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Tony Kart is the flagship brand of OTK Kart Group , a leading Italian company in the karting sector. It is a brand that was born in the 60s and develops in parallel with the same discipline of karting, in Italy before, in the world then. 

The greatest turning point in the history of Tony Kart took place in the 80s when, with the new property, the transition from a craft company to a real technology company in the karting world took place. A change also visually symbolized by the introduction of the green color of the frames that still characterizes the Tony Kart, which over the years have become a reference, for the victories achieved and for the quality offered.

Tony Kart has always distinguished himself for the innovations made, the result of a research and development work supported by over 30 years of activity in the most prestigious and important competitions by the Tony Kart Racing Team . What is designed and developed for top-level karting competitions, then finds space on karts for sale to the public that have a prerogative, according to Tony Kart: to represent the maximum expression in terms of performance and quality .

In fact, quality and performance are tight accomplices within Tony Kart products. To succeed in the goal of merging these two qualities, it was necessary to concentrate the design and construction of all the components of the Tony Kart karts inside the OTK Kart Group plants, so as to have maximum control over the entire design chain and productive, the only way to guarantee the best product and the best performance to the last users who use Tony Kart all over the world.

Scuderia Racing Kart Dubai became the regional distributor for Tony Kart and the other karting brands from the OTK Group in 2014.

Tony Kart Models

Tony Kart Racer 401R

Tony Kart Krypton 801R

Tony Kart Rookie EV

Tony Kart Micro


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