Kart Engine Preperation & Tuning

Using the most advanced kart engine dyno and honing machine in the UAE, Scuderia's range of engine preperation services are guranteed to keep your engine at peak performance.


  • Cylinder Honing:

    AED 600

    IAME X30 cylinder honing

  • Engine Dyno Power Check:

    AED 650

    IAME X30 or Rotax Max dyno run.

  • X30 Mini piston replacement:

    AED 900

    Piston replacment with professional hone.

  • X30 125cc piston replacement:

    AED 1100

    Piston replacment with professional hone.

  • Ultrasonic wash:

    AED 250

    15 min ultrasonic parts wash at 75 degrees

Scuderia Dyno in Action

The most advanced kart engine Dyno in UAE

Cylinder Honing

LP4700 Cylinder Hone Machine

Engine Dyno Power Testing

Engine Rebuild Facility

Ultrasonic Parts Washer

To book our engine services please contact us on +971 55 618 1465


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